This is me………Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, wife and mum of two. I’ve had a passion for movement and dance for as long as I can remember, especially contemporary dance. I’m a lover of nature and long walks in the countryside, and feel a great affinity with the sea, and I believe in doing what we can to protect our beautiful planet.  Crafting is my secret hobby: it’s like a creative form of meditation for me. 


I have been teaching Pilates for almost 17 years, having trained in classical Pilates at The Pilates Institute, London under the guidance of Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead. At the time I’d been working as a Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist for two years and loving it, especially the functional fitness and rehabilitation work. I’d been taking Pilates classes myself for a few years to help with an old back injury and couldn’t believe the difference it made. So when I was offered the chance to train to teach Pilates, I jumped at it. 


Over the years my work evolved: most notably to enable me to have a family I had to step away from Personal Training and focus mainly on teaching fitness & Pilates classes and providing Sports Therapy Massage, and this is when I created my business name – A Sense of Balance, which I felt encompassed all aspects of my work. However, I soon began to suffer physically from too much high impact and high energy exercise, and not enough stretching or self-care, so I decided to start practicing yoga regularly.  I’d really enjoyed attending antenatal yoga during my first pregnancy, and although this was a totally different kind of yoga, I loved it right from the first class. The fluidity, grace and meditative qualities of vinyasa yoga captured my heart, reigniting that same life-long passion for dance – it felt like “coming home”. And although I’d only started practising for its physical benefits, it wasn’t long before yoga had totally drawn me into its magic - my mind, body and spirit felt it – so deciding to train to teach was a no-brainer. Freestyle Fitness Yoga came first, and then my 200hrs Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher training in order to share all its benefits with others. 


I am a self-confessed anatomy geek, with a keen interest in nutrition and complementary forms of therapy and movement disciplines. My love of learning means that I’m continually studying and expanding my knowledge and experience, to provide the best service I can to my clients. Currently I’m  nearing the end of my Level 4 Advanced Pilates Matwork training, and I’m very excited to have been accepted on the only Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course in the UK, which I’m attending in March. 



My work currently focuses primarily on teaching yoga and Pilates classes, plus a fusion style class that I developed to blend the two practices. My Pilates teaching style brings together elements of strength, flexibility, mobility and balance to deliver a practice that enhances my students self-awareness, helping them address and work through any physical injuries or imbalances. My yoga teaching style is similar, but I also like to weave themes into my yoga classes, combining relevant asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy and short meditations in the hope that my students will discover the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. 


Aside from teaching regular adult classes, I also teach 1-2-1 private clients and small groups, yoga and mindfulness for children (having trained with Special Yoga Foundation, London), family yoga and run occasional workshops and events.